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hmmm... I'm making progress in finding jobs I can perform online. I've found a few places I'm applying to do freelance editing or transcription, and I think I've managed to weed out the fakes from the real things. I've even found one or two places where I might potentially teach writing. But I'm frustrated about the real job thing. I want to look in the want ads or go through the listings at places I want to work and be able to just apply, but I can't. I hate this! I completely get why these laws are in place and I can't argue against them, but it's just really annoying to know that this is a recent thing and if this had happened even five years ago it would have been simple to do this. And I hate the pressure this puts on us. No one should have to get married because otherwise their significant other can't stay in the country! It's ridiculous. Even the US, with our own ridiculous immigration policy, would allow me to import my boyfriend with a Green Card if I guaranteed that he wouldn't have to go on welfare.
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