I'm very much enjoying the series of speechless ads running in support of the wga strike. So here's the latest:

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I assume the various famous actors there were in on the joke, but it sure doesn't look like it, does it? Some good acting in there.

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It really is, isn't it? It's things like this that make you realize how good they are at what they do. And how difficult it must be to live with a great actor in the long term, because you really WOULDN'T be able to tell when they were lying to you.

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Hmm...I've never given that any thought. I would think that if you had a strong, long-term relationship, you'd be able to tell when your partner is acting. Actors do talk about when they "turn it on" and such, and I think you'd recognize the signs. Is acting the same as lying? I know I'm a lousy liar, but that's my overactive conscience; I don't think of acting as the same thing. Of course, you and [livejournal.com profile] mmaresca would know better than I...I'd like to think I'd be decent as an actor, but I've never tried.

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Oh, I'm nowhere near
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Oh, I'm nowhere near <ljuser="mmaresca">'s class! I think you're right that to some extent a long-term partner would recognize the signs. But at the same time, Olivier did say that acting is lying. This is somewhat of an overstatement, but good acting requires the actor to believe in what they're doing in the same way that good liars have to believe their lies. Which is where it could be problematic-- many people have a pretty flexible understanding of the truth to begin with, and if you add to that training in taking things that aren't true and making them your own...it's hard to see the lie if the other person doesn't think they're lying.

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I don't know about a "great" actor, but my fella James, although he's mainly a playwrite, is fairly decent actor, and your conversation here reminds me of a verse in the song I wrote for him back towards the beginning of our relationship: "When the actor does his own writing/Truth and manipulation tend to come out fighting/I stand here helplessly won over by the stories that you choose to spin to me/Of my ostensible beauty."

It's definitly hard not to wonder at times just how much he's *technically* capable of hiding from me (and he's hardly Olivier!)... so I just have to rely on the faith/trust aspect and believe that he's *emotionally* incapable/unwilling. :) Of course, we're not even a year into it, so I suppose those in a longer-term relationship would have a better handle on the "signs" or whatever.


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