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Once again, a long delay in posting. I think I'm going to have to institute a 'once a week even if I can't think of much' routine or I'll lose touch with all of you lovely people!

The big news right now (which I think everyone knows, but is always worth mentioning) is the moving. We've hired an immigration lawyer, we're collating documents and evidence and testimony and all of that stuff, and I'm applying for a visa to live with my man in England. As crazy as it is to move to a country where everything costs at least three times as much and you're legally prohibited from being able to plug a hairdryer in in the bathroom, I'm that much in love, so off I go! Wish me luck, as the process of selling off everything I own is kind of sucking, and I am more than a little stressed about how our application is going to go. British customs have never liked me, even when I was a backpacking college student among thousands of others, and I fear them!

Oh, and if you know anyone in the Bay area who is looking for new things, I've got a ton of furniture, small appliances and some electronics looking for homes at extremely reasonable prices! (it's only by figuring my average use costs that I'm not crying at the difference between what I paid for things and what I'm getting for them)
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