I finished the main thrust of the garage sale-ing today. Not a bad effort, although I wish miyu had mentioned that she was too busy this week to post on Craigslist before this morning so that I could have done it. We had a pretty decent number of people, actually, especially for something completely word of mouth and large balloon publicized. Made just under $100, which brings my selling small things total to $400. Not bad at all! I've posted the car and the furniture and have already shown the car once and had offers for several pieces of furniture. I'm going to put the rest of the small appliances up this evening or tomorrow morning, and hopefully some of them will sell to up the small things total some. Fingers crossed that it all goes fast! I have realized that I can just sell the car to a used car dealer if all else fails, which is much better than leaving it here for someone else to deal with, although sad in terms of how much less they'll offer. Anyone know an honest... oh, no, I guess no one does.

I'm really hoping to be out of the large storage space by the end of the month. I'll probably even move the 'keep' pile into a smaller one, especially since my recent epiphany! I booked my ticket to my folks through US Air, and checked their baggage policy while I was there since people keep changing it. And I discovered that the price to bring an extra bag is WAAAYY less than the price to ship a bag's worth of junk! Even for international flights! And you can check up to nine bags! I am SO going to bring a ridiculous quantity of suitcases home with me, just to avoid paying for excess storage space and international shipping. I can't believe I never realized this before, I thought that you could pay a reasonable amount for a third suitcase and then a ridiculous amount for every one after. This totally explains all the massive piles of luggage on flights going to India too, it's totally worth it.

A small and somewhat pointless epiphany, but there you go. I suppose you have to take what you can get. *grin*
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