I just got back from my V-day present trip to Barcelona, which was fabulous! We ate lots of delicious seafood (I had the best fried baby squid I have ever, ever had, and wow- they make normal fried baby squid seem vaguely unappetizing), wandered around and looked at lots of Art Nouveau/Modernisme style buildings including some of Gaudi's triumphs, and played at the beach. Generally, just a nice relaxing time. It's very relaxing just to get out of your normal routine and do something different- part of the problem with vacations in my family is that we always went somewhere and felt we had to SEE EVERYTHING there was there, lest we miss things. It was kind of nice just to wander, see some stuff, and do nothing in particular for the rest.

It did make me think about the people I knew when I was coming to Barcelona regularly. It makes me really sad that I lost touch with Montse. It's not surprising, given how often both of us moved over that three year period, but it's still a shame. I'm going to try to write her parents, see if they'll pass a letter on to wherever she is now--Germany? Elsewhere in Spain? But that train of thought made me think about how we end up keeping in touch with the people we do. I always used to think it was strange that my folks spent so much time sending christmas cards to all of those people, but in the days before email and cheap phone calls and texting and blogs and facebook, it really was the best way to stay abreast of what was going on in their lives. It's so much nicer to feel that I'm really sort of in touch with the day-to-day reality of the lives of my friends, no matter where they are. But again, that also sort of points out the fallacy of that belief- no one is going to be posting about ALL their day-to-day reality, because some of it's too boring and some of it's too difficult and some of it just doesn't make it.

No real point to any of that, just musing!


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