well, i'm just chock full of exciting! i'm going to see serenity. in a week! no waiting until september for me, oh no, i get to see it early. and ok, there might be a few special effects unfinished, but i actually doubt that, since they did plan to have it publicized pretty widely. wheee, hot diggity! ok, i have few words to add to this, i'm just filled with happiness. yay!
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( Apr. 23rd, 2005 10:37 pm)
excitingly, my ticket for this summer is bought! i'm going by a long and complex route involving not one, not two, but three separate tickets (actually, possibly four, although the last is still debatable because i refuse to pay more than $100 for a round trip ticket within turkey). the best part about this? total cost to me was $50. yep, that's right. how i love frequent flier miles! i'm actually even going business class because the economy class tickets were full. how happy am i?! first ever intercontinental flight in business class, it's not on an american airline, AND it's free. yippee! of course, i had to get a round trip to turkey with a two week layover in munich, then a round trip from munich to london and a round trip from london to dublin, but at least i'm going to make it everywhere. i did learn, it's important when using frequent flier miles to book WAY in advance, because they fill up early. it took two hours to arrange this all, much of it me sitting there while the guy said 'wait, wait--no. ok, how about- no. let's try-- that looks promising--' best. airline worker. ever.
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( Feb. 20th, 2005 12:14 am)
oh frabjous day! today, my very own hand touched the hands of one mr adam baldwin, one mr nathan fillion, one ms summer glau, and above all and most thrillingly, one mr joss whedon! the level of excitement in my day is really almost impossible to quantify! i met joss whedon, and i don't think i babbled like a maniac! nathan fillion talked to me about the horror movie he just finished filming! adam baldwin asked for my userid so we could have a political discussion! and summer glau was really nice but extremely nervous! oh, and i opened a letter written by the very handsome alan tudyk! i think i may be overusing the exclamation points, but i appear to be unable to stop!

so, backstory, for them as care: i joined the browncoat meetup group in san francisco because i thought it would be nice to meet people who aren't students and who like firefly. in early january we got word that joss was coming to wondercon, a san francisco comic convention, so various people began planning to have a fan table, publicize the movie, and generally have a good time. so, i volunteered to work the table on friday and today. friday, we handed out a lot of stuff and sold raffle tickets with the proceeds to go to the red cross. alan tudyk called the girl i was sitting next to to say that he was really sorry he couldn't make the con, but that he really appreciated the work we were doing, so he was overnighting some t-shirts to be raffled. this morning, i went and stood in line for a change to get autographs: they had a lottery system, and after waiting in line for a LOONG time, i went down the row of bins and got absolutely nothing. the horror! fortunately, the guy in front of me got three, and decided i was pathetic enough that he gave me one of them--the one for the serenity cast! i worked the table some more, and then a bunch of browncoats went in to be sure we'd get good seats for the panel joss and company were doing. we got to see the trailer for some movie called 'the cave' (didn't look very good), and for the war of the worlds, along with a discussion by the designers for war of the worlds. (looks like it could be pretty good, actually). then the important people came out, and they were amazing! people always talk about how these actors are fun at conventions, and i totally see it-- they were joking around about nathan's dancers legs, and joss' pink plastic backpack that threatened adam's masculinity and the fact that joss wanted people to ask him if he'd lost weight, and about the fact that there are an awful lot of shots of river's feet for a man who denies having a foot fetish (i believe the actual phrasing was a question to joss 'do you have a foot fetish, or is it some strange thing with summer?' to which he responded 'i, um, i...don't want to answer that!' they were lovely, and they seemed to really like each other, and to like talking to people. i then went and got my autographs. it's not a fun process for them, but they were super sweet, even though i was about halfway down the 125 people they had to fit into an hour. nathan said 'hi, i'm nathan. what's your name?' as though i wouldn't know who he was. everyone seemed to WANT to talk to me (and, i'm assuming, everyone else), and to WANT to hear what we had to say, even when it was really stupid. i can't say enough about how nice they all were. the signing was just supposed to be the three actors, but joss turned up to, which meant he spent two hours signing his name today, all the while feeling like crap-- they actually had to bring him dayquil during the panel.

pictures to appear when i find a place to host them, hopefully very, very soon!
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( Jan. 21st, 2005 09:41 pm)
well, actually, more of a teal color, but who cares, my hair is partly of a shade not found in nature. how cool is this! filled with happiness and excitement. The entire process took more than three hours, but i think it just looks gorgeous. He bleached in a swath, starting at a point just above my right temple and widening down at an angle to just behind my left ear. kind of similar to the original green attempt that ellen_fremedonand i made (doesn't it make you feel good to know that you anticipated a really creative hairstylist, ellen?). lala la la lalala, i am filled with the happy!
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( Sep. 11th, 2004 12:41 am)
wow, i live in california! still having a hard time realizing this, especially since i've spent the last week holed up in my apartment taking things out of boxes. i hate boxes with a fiery passion, but am almost finished. who knew i had so much crap? actually, i think almost everyone because it's impossible to not move for five years and not have a lot of crap. nonetheless! i think i did well on the apartment for finding it from turkey, it's pretty big and in a not too horrible neighborhood.

the drive out here was--interesting. did it in six days with a day in kansas to visit family, and it was long, tiring and boring. plus, five mechanics in five states. i have to say, i was impressed with their willingness to fit me into the schedule whenever i had to stop. also, probably not a brilliant idea to drive across country in a car you know you're only going to keep for another year or so. on the plus side, i did not kill my mother, who, while i love her very much, can be a trial to me. i think 24 hours a day for a week is too much togetherness for almost anyone i've ever known, and she's no exception to that rule. a very good test of a relationship is travel.

have been out with caton three times since i got here, and am completely and utterly unsure as to where the thing is going. i'm not even sure where i want it to go--he's so much fun to play with but i really don't know him well. not used to that, not at all. i mean, in so many ways he's wrong wrong wrong for me, but in so many others he's oddly right. it's a strange position to be in, four really intense days and then three months of lots of email but, as specifically stated, no ties. now i feel like i know him pretty well but at the same time i don't, and i don't know how he thinks-- so very good at presenting an open public face (i've never known anyone with so little shame- i don't think he really knows the meaning of the word!) and simultaneously at keeping things inside. having been burned last time by a girl who got too involved too quick, he asked how i'd feel if i saw him hitting on someone else next week. how do you respond to that? i have no hold over him, but it's not like anyone will ever be pleased to see someone they want, someone they've been fooling around with, hitting on someone else! i'm not entirely sure what response he was looking for either, which puts me in a very girlish circle of 'what deep psychological need had him asking this' and/or 'is this because he's already planning to move on?', probably not good for the head so i'm putting it aside. i said i'd probably be ok with it next week but not after a couple of weeks, which i think is pretty reasonable (in that if we continue as we have been for a couple of weeks, the word 'boyfriend' would be pretty applicable and would thus leave allowable anger, although i think i'm more likely to tend towards hurt anyway), but leaves out the fine distinction of distance. i wouldn't be mad at him per se if he were hitting on someone next week, when we're still in an in-between-y stage, but i'd also not be so willing to be with him. does withdrawal count as a reaction? and i'm getting back into that cycle so i'll move on.

i'm going onto campus to visit the bookstore next week and am super excited about classes starting. it's always strange to go back to class, especially after a few years when i really didn't have many, but i think this should be fun. i've got some good things on my schedule including 'the archaeology of death'. i still can't get over the fact that there are palm trees here, yippee! i must off to bed now, the very last unpacking should be done my tomorrow, or the end of the weekend at the latest. how i long for that moment!
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( Mar. 20th, 2004 03:49 pm)
i'm moving to california! farewell to winter's snow and gloom, hello palm trees and sunshine. ok, i'm moving to san francisco, but there's still WAY more sunshine there than here, any way you look at it. i'm excited about the prospect in so many ways, new place to see, new people to meet, new campus to explore. happy, happy stanford, i hope i love it there, i hope the department doesn't begin to explode in a shower of hate and despair the way the one here has, i hope some of the engineers (topic of frequent warnings from the girls in the department) turn out to be not scary but interesting in a male way, i hope i can manage to finish my thesis while arranging to move three thousand miles and spend the summer in turkey. not letting reality get in my way, yay for new things!
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( Jun. 10th, 2003 01:28 pm)
well, i'm in ireland, yay! much craziness in the event of my coming,i had a job, bought a ticket with money from a fellowship contingent on my doing archaeology for a month, and then didn't have a job, so i had to find a place to volunteer. now i'll be going to scotland for a month in late june. not a hard life i think, scotland is lovely and hey,i might meet billy boyd! no, not really, but i will get to listen to all of those gorgeous accents! have been to cahir castle and kilkenny castle so far, and am attempting to visit all of the spots i didn't get to when i lived here because of stupid glandular fever.

am staying with the murphys, and they are all doing well. i can't believe saoirse is four, she's a darling. a bit spoiled, but so sweet it's not a problem yet. will keep this better updated while i'm over i hope.
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( Apr. 8th, 2003 04:25 pm)
yay! the roadrunner man came today, and now i can talk on the phone and send email at the SAME TIME!! of course, now there's no one home i want to talk to and i've sent all of my email, so this may be a little overrated as a joy thing, but who cares! i dance a little happy dance (well, i would if i could walk, but i can't, so i'll hop a happy hop. ok, now that just feels silly)

other news? may not ever finish my thesis, have decided having two MAs is overrated and possibly unnecessary. is this crazy? hobbit is not working out as i had planned, fear that there may be an AGF involved. stupid AGF, why oh why do men have them? really, if i were a man with an AGF and a woman (i won't say a beautiful woman, modest, notice ;-) who i liked was interested in me, i don't think i'd be turning her away just because she wasn't asian. but then, i guess none of those things is ever likely to happen (no tears here!), so i may not get the full concept. going housesitting this week, should be fun to have a different view and people to talk to.

and that's about all. i wonder if this was brought on by yet another unseasonal snowfall. this winter gave the lie to global warming in this area at least, sigh, i can't wait to move somewhere warmer. and drier.


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