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( Mar. 26th, 2007 05:39 pm)
so yesterday, thanks to the wonderful [ profile] heavenslaughing and his brother (and his brother's fancy new car, so jealous!) i rode up to berkeley to watch the season finale of battlestar galactica in a group that included the showrunner himself, ron moore, and his lovely wife terry (she did costuming for carnivale, among other things). i'm going to miss living in california!! last year, his wife heard about the groups who were gathering to watch the finale, and they went and found the number of the organizer and called to talk to this berkeley party. this year, he arranged to have the same group, plus a few of their friends, invited to a sit down. he said that one of the hardest things about writing for tv is the lack of a visible audience. he said that playwrights and movie writers can go sit in the audience and see how people experience their words, but with tv, you don't have the opportunity because people don't usually gather in groups, and even when they do it's not in public. so he really wanted to find out how people were thinking about the show, and the season, and the episode. he said he reads twop and a bunch of other review sites to try and keep aware of that sort of thing, but he prefers the live reaction. of course, he also said that he doesn't always pay much attention to those opinions! he looks strikingly like gaius baltar this half season, with the long hair and the beard, and was just super nice. and i got to sit next to him, and then to terry, and just chat!

the episode is amazing, but i won't discuss it for those of you who still haven't see it. but it was a fabulous experience aside from that. the original intent was just to eat, watch and then talk, but at dinner he realized that he had his podcasting equipment and ran to get it. he recorded us watching the show (which was mostly dull because we didn't talk much except for one annoying guy who kept saying dumb stuff to be 'funny, and i think will get edited out) and then we had a discussion. first he asked us questions, about how we felt about the episode, how our reactions differed from last year and why, that sort of thing, and then we got to ask him questions. i didn't manage to ask him about gender on the show, which i regret because it's very inconsistent and i'm wondering if he hopes
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( Mar. 4th, 2007 01:50 pm)
this has been the best weekend i've had in months. it was full of fun and relaxing and people and stuff and not-work, and generally just about perfect. i don't think i realized how much i needed this kind of a weekend. i'll divide it up into cuts, because it will be long. and possibly boring. ok, probably boring! it's my lj, i'll be dull if i want to! *stamps foot and pouts* friday )saturday--now with celebrities! )
my exam was turned in (with an hour and a half to spare, although admittedly that was not because i felt completely finished but because i had an appointment). i think it's decent. it's not awesome, which i would have liked, but i don't know, i had a hard time with it. this is part of a whole long thought process i'll probably get into at some other point, so i'll instead skip right to the next bit, which is my acting class with a famous person!

ok, on my (admittedly small) list of celebrities who i've met, sigourney goes to the absolute top for niceness. she and her husband (who runs an experimental theater in new york) were coming to stanford because their daughter wanted to look around, so they volunteered to screen their new movie and to teach my class. and it was a fabulous class--they went through the process of staging a play from both an actor's and a director's viewpoint, from casting through ways to stay fresh during long runs. great stuff!

but the rocking comes more from how genuinely nice she was. they joked back and forth about how their perspectives on the process differed, and how sometimes that drove them crazy when they were working together. he told a story about something that he had done early in his career, and she made the face of 'why didn't i know this?' and then when he was done joked about not letting him forget it. during the talk, she talked about how her drama school told her she couldn't act, not in a joking 'how stupid they were' way, but in a serious, 'i had to decide that i wanted this enough to ignore that, so don't let other people change your mind without trying for yourself' way. i went up afterward to ask her a question about something she'd said, and after answering it, she told me not to be worried, that i would be able to do it, and that while it could take time, it was worth it. fabulous.


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