Tris and I went to a Bonfire Night celebration yesterday. )

I also wandered across a really interesting video on youtube, about subliminal advertising. It was cleverly done, and is fairly terrifying in its point.
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( Sep. 1st, 2007 12:04 am)
ok, so that whole 'short post to start a bunch of posting' clearly failed. ANYway, things have been going well here. i like london. i don't get to do much, because it's so expensive here, but i've fit a few things in. tonight, tris and a couple of friends and i went out to a restaurant called dans le noir?. it's a very interesting concept-- the actual restaurant is pitch black, so you not only can't see who you're eating with, you can't see the food. the servers are blind, and they lead you to your place. the food itself has been chosen for strong smells and tastes, not for appearance. it's... interesting. cool, actually. all of our stuff was put in a locker at the front, to make sure no canny thief with night vision goggles can steal you blind, and then we were introduced to our waiter, who led us to our table. we did a little parade, with everyone holding on to the right shoulder of the person in front, and he announced when we entered the room. he seated us by putting each persons hand on their chair, and describing where the glasses and silverware were situated. the concept it to make you understand what it's like to be blind, and to make you appreciate food with other senses than sight, and both were very effective. i relaxed a lot at the table and i felt like i had a good idea where everything and everyone was, but it was really, REALLY hard to eat neatly! i didn't want to use my fingers, so i had to keep sticking the fork at the plat and hoping i'd connected and bringing it to my mouth and realizing i'd failed. i sort of smushed things onto the fork, and managed to eat most of it, but it was all mashed together, and i couldn't really tell what most of it was-- it was meat, but beyond that i'm not sure! i'm sure it's better when someone tells you what is where on the plate, but even so, i'm amazed that people manage that on a regular basis-- i'd end up eating soup all the time just to avoid the trouble. the food itself was fab, and it was a really unusual experience. apparently they also do blind dating events, but that's a bit much for me-- i think i'd want to see the reactions of the person i'm talking to, so i could at least tell if they were interested or not!

let's see... other things i've done... [ profile] johanna_b was here for a visit, and she and i hit the national gallery, the national portrait gallery, buckingham palace public rooms and the exhibition on the queen's wedding, and sir john sloane's museum (which was very odd and cool!). tris and i have been to see avenue q and a play at the royal court theater, and have tickets for the police next weekend. i'm looking forward to it, although a little sad we didn't get tickets for the rolling stones, as they're better--but SO expensive it was just stupid! i met back up with a friend from college who i haven't seen in eleven years, which was great. otherwise... it's pretty much been all study, which is what i'm supposed to be doing, so i suppose it's all good!


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