i've been to all three of the call-backs. i feel like i did well-i certainly did the best i could, so it's all down to whether i'm who they were looking for and how other people did. but because i'm presumptuous, i'm now pondering what i'd like to be cast in.

one of the plays is suddenly last summer by tennessee williams--it's an interesting play, not one of his best if you ask me (and the extremely racist ending is problematic at best), but i do like the way he writes. and both of the lead characters are fabulous, i'd love to play them. but the director...kind of drives me crazy. his play last spring was NOT GOOD, and he's very, very passive aggressive. and there's the fact that he was into me for quite some time last year and i didn't notice it for ages and then accidentally insulted his hair (which he's bizarrely proud of).

on the other hand, both of the other two are modern pieces, very non-linear and experimental. it's not a question of great characters, because there aren't really characters as such. but they're innovative and interesting, and one will be a world premiere of a new piece. and, both of the other directors are fabulous.

i don't know...maybe if i get one of the leads in suddenly last summer it would make it worthwhile to work with the director. maybe? ok, probably not.
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( Feb. 28th, 2007 09:37 am)
well, my exam has been put off until next tuesday, so that's nice. a few extra days to think deep thoughts and begin writing the answers to questions that may or may not be the ones i get. good practice regardless! and this means i get to hang out with my friend will and some other folks who are visiting this weekend, which i wouldn't have been able to do if i were taking the exam, so it's good timing overall.

in other news, i auditioned for the spring plays and got called back for three out of four of them, which is also nice. i thought my audition kind of sucked, so it's nice to hear that it didn't! i may or may not get anything, but i'll be a.d.ing one of them if i don't get cast, so i'm pleased on the whole.

it's a good day.
last week, i saw what was quite possibly the worst play i've ever seen, secret love in peach blossom land. this in itself wouldn't merit much commentary if it weren't for the fact that the writer/director is a visiting professor here right now, and has been making a huge deal out of what an amazing play it is and what a genius he is to have written it. he was interviewed for the daily and among other things he said "This play has been considered structurally, well, some people have called it perfect." the thing is, it's not. it's really, really not. and i'm confused as to how it happened that anyone called it perfect. in the unlikely event that anyone actually plans to see the play and doesn't want to be spoiled, i'll talk more about it here )
my exam was turned in (with an hour and a half to spare, although admittedly that was not because i felt completely finished but because i had an appointment). i think it's decent. it's not awesome, which i would have liked, but i don't know, i had a hard time with it. this is part of a whole long thought process i'll probably get into at some other point, so i'll instead skip right to the next bit, which is my acting class with a famous person!

ok, on my (admittedly small) list of celebrities who i've met, sigourney goes to the absolute top for niceness. she and her husband (who runs an experimental theater in new york) were coming to stanford because their daughter wanted to look around, so they volunteered to screen their new movie and to teach my class. and it was a fabulous class--they went through the process of staging a play from both an actor's and a director's viewpoint, from casting through ways to stay fresh during long runs. great stuff!

but the rocking comes more from how genuinely nice she was. they joked back and forth about how their perspectives on the process differed, and how sometimes that drove them crazy when they were working together. he told a story about something that he had done early in his career, and she made the face of 'why didn't i know this?' and then when he was done joked about not letting him forget it. during the talk, she talked about how her drama school told her she couldn't act, not in a joking 'how stupid they were' way, but in a serious, 'i had to decide that i wanted this enough to ignore that, so don't let other people change your mind without trying for yourself' way. i went up afterward to ask her a question about something she'd said, and after answering it, she told me not to be worried, that i would be able to do it, and that while it could take time, it was worth it. fabulous.
we had a lesson in stage combat today--it was really cool! some gnapping and some truly stage things with faux hits, and interesting pushing and hair pulling. choreographed a fun little fight scene and everything. it was a lot of fun yelling and punching and pretending to be hit, and even surprisingly fun doing hair pulling. and i need to take up aikido--those rolls look like fun!


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