I've been deep in the clutches of pre-production for the music video/advertisement unit for the last few months. And it has unfortunately been months, because my partner and I went through three different bands before we got to actually film one. The first one was so scheduled that when there was a problem with the greenscreen room they had to bow out, the second one had a lineup change the day we spoke and the old member was pissed and wouldn't let them use any of the material he'd recorded with them, and the third band, who we met with on a Wednesday and were planning to film on the Saturday, broke up on the Friday. But, fourth time lucky, we've finished filming with the fourth band, who is in fact a single, very nice, person. So now I can work on post-production, only two months later than I had planned. At least we got a three week extension because the greenscreen problem was not something we had any control over- and a couple of songs that I might make a video for without actually filming the band, which I could get behind! I'm still loving film work, but am very definitely feeling that music video is NOT the environment for me. I want to be employing (OK, yes, in a loose sense of the word that currently involves no monetary compensation!) the people I'm filming and not the other way around.

We've started casting the final film, which is going fairly well. Had a couple of people come in and just be perfect for the roles, and got some people with far better credits than we deserve who auditioned. Except, the ones who came in and were perfect for the roles were NOT the people reading for the leads, which is a bit annoying, but oh well. Casting continues!

And, I've finally managed to make my director understand that while I want him to re-write for British-ness of dialog, I will not allow him to re-write to make the female characters sound like men, or to take out all the humor, or to remove important character and plot moments he thinks are problematic because he doesn't understand television plotting. A triumph! All-in-all, I'm feeling pretty good about the prospects for this thing, which is exciting. I do have to say, though, next time I am directing my own damn self, I think it will be easier to be productive when I don't have to have meetings with people who live all over the city and are only in the same place for nine hours a week.


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